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Orange Peeled

Happy breakfast?

Alert, but with heavy eyelids

The briefest of wars begins

Pith under the fingernails

Don’t let any juice escape

Take it all off in one piece

The clementine lies naked


Pick the last scraps of pith away

Then squelch, squelch

Between the teeth


Taste the acid and the sugar

Pretend the eyelids are a little lighter

There’s juice on the table

Let it soak in

A salve for the bare wood

Drink more water

And rush away

To everything else

This moment

Was not a moment

Most likely

And this calm

Only comes

If it’s put there

With purpose

Fingers stinging

From the pith under the nails

Will soon forget

And the mind only remembers

When it half-imagines memories

Through heavy eyelids

At the other end of the candle

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Orange Peeled
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