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No Destiny

Close to Death with No Destiny

Never sold irreparable heart

Oldest soul flarin bright 

within the coldest hold in the dark

Like the stars, beyond light years and astrological charts

Gotta think smart

I'm a target,

regardless of a shopping cart

Master marksman no novice on my marks

I'm godless, asked him to drive and he wrecked my car

Up to my neck with scars theoretic, metaphoric,

unleaded high octane performance

Like a sponge to knowledge I'm always absorbing

Hoarding bars and consorting with the arts.

Tarnished and hard

my heart

is an orb of ordinance

where morbidity starts

from a merciless spark.

Since I was seven

....I was headed

for Armageddon

heavily intrepid

I'm forever reckless

stretchin the seams.

Death or dreams

I was burdened

yet blessed

my future flesh

hath no destiny.

My brain is a puzzle

My name just spells trouble

Strain with the struggle

Pain cames in dbls

Crushed beneath the rubble

Flooded with emotions

My past a roller coaster

My wrath there was no controlling

Swollen my pride

Stomach bigger than my appetite

Passion for life clouded behind smoke from the glass pipe

Finally found myself, open hand slapped in some ack right

Craving a fast life

Eternal is the rhyme

Yours for mine

Bide my time burning my wick from both sides. 

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No Destiny
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