Mac Ratchit

Musician/artist/audio engineer/technician. 

True Grime Family,  Mac Beatz LLC.

Forever #Filthy. ARIZONA hiphop/rap artist.

Darkest Parts
6 months ago
Blacker than night my soul is owned by the devil, it is not even mine Wicked n sick intricate when im twistin ur spine just to get into ur mind. Hello At second glance my next advance twice as fine. B...
The Martyr
6 months ago
My life's a mess I don't mind Never stress I'm on my own time Clock is ticking Flava flav feel It in my chest Every day I struggle yes To come to grips Solo rolla by myself up in this bitch I'm in hell Heaven don't don't exist I'll be damned God's a sham Religion just another government Cash rules all Money to the rich Power shift Sour kiss 1 percent don't gaf the deficit It's no wonder when u see our president Hella bent Detriment Tragic is the case feel so much aggression Built from passive wa...
No Destiny
6 months ago
Never sold irreparable heart Oldest soul flarin bright within the coldest hold in the dark Like the stars, beyond light years and astrological charts Gotta think smart I'm a target, regardless of a sh...
6 months ago
Enigma. Puzzle. Mystery. Mankind is forever the victim to the fear. What lurks in the darkness. What the future holds. The way someone may react to negative news. Is this healthy? Is this embedded in ...
So Be It. Oxymoron!
a year ago
A half life. A double negative. Quarter full of a half, Indecisive pessimist. Which side of the grass is softer? More lush? Allergens? Dust? Dusk or Dawn, day and night, Crucial choices are waiting to...