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Need the Pain

Inward Thoughts

Because I need the pain

I need not to feel my life happening

I won’t open up and free my veins

Because I need the pain

I don’t want to understand what I can’t understand

Because I need the pain

I need to stay frozen in acid rain

Because I need the pain

I don’t want to see

What I want to be

I’ll keep the blain

Because I need the pain

I’ll paint my life in blood

But I won’t let it stain

Because I need the pain

As I lay moribund, maybe

Remind me of the day

My time has reached its last decay

But until then I’ll laugh and play

Because I need this. I need the pain.

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Tera Summers
Tera Summers

Ive been wringing since I was like 7 or 8. I’ve experienced more than my share of grief and writing is how I live through it. I want to thank you in advance for your reads and support! 

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Need the Pain
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