Tera Summers

Ive been wringing since I was like 7 or 8. I’ve experienced more than my share of grief and writing is how I live through it. I want to thank you in advance for your reads and support! 

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5 months ago
I screamed out loud I hollered inside I yelled into an empty crowd I vomited it all out I fought the drought And begged for water I released My peace I continued to shout Till my vocals bled out But t...
5 months ago
I just wanna know why... Why it seems so hard to find The woman to give you peace of mind A woman to hold your hand through all your trials. And birth your burdens into a new child. I just wanna know....
Your Ghost
5 months ago
I'm a lil embarrassed that you may have found out my secret The one you keep threatening out loud Making me wish I could walk, or run out But I stay with your ghost I cuddle with your ghost I make lov...
Defeated Conqueress
5 months ago
I’m not supposed to feel this way anymore I guess I have my heart to thank For wanting to resurrect what never was All the forgotten memories that sank The whispers in the night that still resound in ...
Benevolent Beast
5 months ago
He stands on a bloody stage, his audience all dead. He slaughtered them within his rage, and watched them as they bled. Not a tear graced the floor, Not a soul heard them mourn. Their screams remained...
5 months ago
Yeah I like your smile. But I prefer you naked. I love your laugh, your charm and your incredible wit. But I still prefer you naked. I love your eyes when they look into mine and tell me things you ar...