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My Mother's Land

A Poem

My mother wants to go to the Motherland

But I want to go to my mother's land, and understand the land that formed my mother's hand

And stand upon the sand where my grandparents danced

To that old school beat

On the beach in their bare feet. 

I want to go and feel the heat upon my bare skin

And it's about time that I meet my mother's kin

See where they fought to avoid all the suffering

So they could be left alone

Defending my mother's home

I want to know the life that my mother's known

See where my mother's grown,

See all of the things that my grandma my mother shown, 

Before the days came that my mother flown here.

I want to know all the things that my mother held dear

So that to my mother's soul I can get near.

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Micah Davidson
Micah Davidson

My name is Micah and in essence I am writer. I write about whatever is on my mind and my mind drifts a lot. I write page poetry, performance poetry, music, and every now and again I dabble in some short story writing.

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My Mother's Land
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