Micah Davidson

My name is Micah and in essence I am writer. I write about whatever is on my mind and my mind drifts a lot. I write page poetry, performance poetry, music, and every now and again I dabble in some short story writing.

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Caged Bird Singing
5 months ago
I was trying to find happiness in my captivity like a caged bird singing melodies of pain With her puffed breast I must confess she’s given into her shame She answers to Tweety she’s has embraced her ...
Dreams & Visions
6 months ago
What's the difference between a dream and a vision Ambition A decision Fact or fiction Getting down and putting in work Or looking up and just wishing Getting up every time that you find yourself slip...
My Mother's Land
6 months ago
My mother wants to go to the Motherland But I want to go to my mother's land, and understand the land that formed my mother's hand And stand upon the sand where my grandparents danced To that old scho...