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Midwest Moonlight / Meka Carter

Minutes after midnight I climb out of bed

Finding comfort on my patio in the easy pose

Legs crossed, hands stacked in my lap, palms facing the stars

Eyes closed while trying to set my mind free

Thoughts ruminating as the moon’s beams blanket me

I deeply inhale allowing my body to take in comforting breaths

I focus my attention and confidently affirm

I no longer place myself at the bottom of any list

All that I am deserves reliable attention to wellness

Even if only, but most definitely

From the face I confront daily in the mirror

Heaven knows I shouldn't expect it from acquaintances

In order to take great care

I intend to no longer give my energy freely

I will no longer tend to your sadness before my own

My sorrow deserves the care I easily bid goodbye

The same guidance you proclaim solves problems in your life

Must be turned inward; how can I truly help you

If I am unable to apply counsel to my experiences too

In order to take great care

I intend to no longer doubt my abilities

I will no longer look at your talent with approving eyes

Before I view my own in the same light

For my art is worthy of appreciation and

If I can’t give merit to what comes of my own cognition

How can I claim that satisfying work even exists

In order to take great care

I intend to no longer drain my reserves

I will no longer vacate my atmosphere in retort to your concerns

If all that I do requires continual emptying of what’s housed within me

What teachings could possibly be referenced in any future time of need

If I lack knowledge that influences healing all that lies within my being

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