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Looking Back

Live the life you have been given.

Is it wrong to wander through life’s journey

Not striving to make a worthwhile mark

To have no goal or pious worth

Or make one muse “he was a thinking man”

I have earned no medal or battle won

No selfless task to to spout or rant

The younger years have come and gone

The best I have is huff and pant

Through history gone I sometimes look

A point of which a change could make

But though I wish, it's just no good

In the present I wish for pity's sake.

What I have I have to count

Present day is what life's worth make

I thank the stars for what I found

The riches there are not false or fake

The love of family of wife and children

Friends where bonds don’t ever break

My gratitude to all is worth conveying

Many years I hope to clinch

Plenty of time to ponder this puzzle

I pause to cause a mental pinch

I’m sure with purpose and determination

A mark of note I’m sure to win

But if it never transpires and come to pass

I’ll still not worry, frown or frett

The love I have is sure to last.

Let all others, busy there haggard lives

Wish in vain for better cards

Play the hand you’ve got with thought in mind

You can never lose when you’re the dealer. 

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Looking Back
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