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Life Without Love

Is A Play

Life without love is a play you are watching alone.

Every object is a prop, every person a character.

And you are constantly called on stage to play a part you don't know the lines to.

It's strange because you want to ask them how they keep it together so well.

How do they go on? Why act because the fact is I would rather not

And I'm no savant but you seem to flaunt the idea that this stupid play is worth finishing!

Whats the purpose, wheres the point?

Still, I have this lingering sense that something good could come from this.

So I wait.

And I watch in peace.

Trying to see my place in all this.

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Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman

Poet. Writer. Avid Tea enthusiast. Truth seeker. Love maker. Wondering what makes the world smile and how I can create that in words. 


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Life Without Love
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