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Life in a New Form

The Newly Made Generation

Photograph By: Laird Madison

The catacombs of life is an exquisitely intriguing progression of maximized unknown destination,

Time embroiders our cloth like suits with years of dedicated letters in our unknown prescribed short lived vacation,

Our bodies foreign forbidden entry into this morbidly constant aggravation,

No person ever falters from the falsely made ever flowing implications,

Always worried about new inventions for a predestination,

Carried by prized green papers with the authority to decide who is worth giving a value without explanation,

All words wait in a box under investigation,

Waiting for the day we all fly to the night sky in our star formation,

A place where there are less alterations,

A place where others look in admiration,

We are becoming the constellations,

Forming a new world with our life filled evocation,

Becoming our own decoration,

Waiting while in observation,

The world fills with a newly improved population,

Never allowing radiation,

Never needing entering registration,

Always understanding without explanation,

The ways of the newer generation,

No longer fighting all the chaos filled desperation.

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Life in a New Form
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