Shelly Bartley

From a very young age, I have always written anything from poetry to books. Enjoy painting and other arts. Have written a few songs and short stories to. 

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Hiding Behind the Eyes of the Sun
5 months ago
Orange streams flowing to the right red-orange streams to the left nice and bright a little bit of white to blend into the shadows becoming night the yellow portrait of the woman holding the light man...
The Half Moon's Sleepy Dream
a year ago
On certain nights the moon needs a change, Quietly the bright white circle does rearrange, Changing into half the circle it was before, Showering the planet below with loudly shining light even more, ...
Years of Dedicated Music
a year ago
Exquisitely suspended in an endless stream of painted beckoning free moments, Openly letting the music's description caress the ears of expression, Eloquently persuading the eyes of delicate matters t...
Music With a New Sound
a year ago
Angelic melodies handing out timeless waves of inspiration, Climbing charts of immaculate delicious tenderized sweet fulfilling sounds, Watching drops of slowly falling perspiration, While hearts jump...
Life in a New Form
a year ago
The catacombs of life is an exquisitely intriguing progression of maximized unknown destination, Time embroiders our cloth like suits with years of dedicated letters in our unknown prescribed short li...
The Coward's Village
a year ago
Sitting in your lawn chair watching the fists fly, Starring out your window to spy, Listening to the screams late at night, Never once turning on the light, Knowing the things never shown, Making sure...