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Talking to a Teen

I #loveyou because you make me LOL

I #seeyou like my own soul or #shadow

I’m @yourmom and it gives me so much #pause

To think about my successes, but also about my #flaws

There were nights I #screamed your name

The nightmares I had of not being able to keep you safe

And there are days I stay in a sleepy haze

#Torturing myself for the mistakes I have made

And all my days I am just so #proud

You saying I love you mom, #outloud

And when you say I am a #greatmom as you make your way

It is sometimes like a dream and sometimes #hardtotake

You just make me so #proud and @neverneverland

Just to be your @momma, just to #holdyourhand

Always remember that being a mom is #tough

And a mom never wants to see her kids have it #rough

But no decision is every #easy and you will make @wrongchoices

But nothing on Earth is like your precious baby’s #voices

Whether they #cry or @laughallday

Your heart is full all the time and for them you always #pray

Because you are @momforever and nothing can ever take that #away

Because you #broughtmetolife and #showedmetheway

I may have taught you to #walk and #talk, and given you #chores

But being a mom and #teaching you, taught me so much #more

So I will always love you and TBH I think you #know

Mom will love you 4ever, no matter where you #go.



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