SM Fitzgerald

Poetry, novels, painting, sculpting, art is life.

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10 months ago
I need to take a shower And change these two day clothes I need to put pen to paper But there's alot that i don’t know And life has had its hand on my neck Since the day that i was born This isn’t sup...
A Soldier's Wife
a year ago
It’s not that I don’t love you And it’s not that I don’t care It’s that sometimes I have to turn away From the pain pooling in your stare. It’s not that I cannot understand Not that I can’t empathize ...
Memorial Way
a year ago
How many of us sit home alone On a Veteran’s or Memorial Day Contemplating the choices we have made Thinking of someone who is so far away. We watch families gather around our town We see their flags ...
Forever Down a Dirt Road
a year ago
Forever down a dirt road Forever in my mind Hands free and waving Feet bare and hair flying Reaching out to touch her hand Coyly smiling and pulling it away Childhood was less ugly with him there I wi...
Clean Break
a year ago
She's running out into the pouring rain I've broken her heart yet again Screaming my name and running hard Trying to beat the rain pouring in her heart. Just trying to get far away Trying to run from ...
a year ago
I #loveyou because you make me LOL I #seeyou like my own soul or #shadow I’m @yourmom and it gives me so much #pause To think about my successes, but also about my #flaws There were nights I #screamed...