Joshua Lino-da Costa
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I Want to Have a Life Where...

For you to feel as you feel right

I want to have a life where everything is mine,

Where life is so easy and drops into line.

Where people will stop me and ask how I feel,

Where I won’t have to worry where to find my next meal.

Where everything I want will fall on my lap,

Where nothing will matter and I won’t give a crap.

Where pain is a joke we make on others

Where friends and enemies act like they’re brothers.

Where money is something that looks nice in my hand

Where crops will cover the world’s barren land.

Where war is when we ask who wants to go first

Where there is enough water to quench the world’s thirst.

Where I finally realise it’s not about me

But the millions of people I could make happy.

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I Want to Have a Life Where...
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