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I Knew I Wasn’t the One for You

A Heartbreaking Perspective of Love

Your soft hands freeze on the way to hers

because you’re not free to give touches like that.

The tightness of clenched fists block out any emotion

so my cold hands are left to tremble in sync with my bottom lip.

Brown eyes exude longing and needing in every glance

as if she is a stream of water that transforms in a waterfall.

All the while, dull eyes swipe over a puddle created by shed tears.

When I catch a glimpse of a blossoming smile,

I know your mind is transfixed on exotic, flowing beauty.

My personal pond doesn’t nurture the birth of your happiness

and somehow it’s my stomach that aches in guilt and sadness.

The two forces battle—

prosecutor and victim,

shame and despair,

acceptance and regret.

She has a hearth in her grip that engulfs her whole body.

Icicle fingers trace the cold path of a necklace chain

That hasn’t left the comfort of its pouch in months.

For you, it’s sunny everyday when brown meets blue;

A harmony of natural hues reflective of peace.

My hazel eyes trace the crack of sidewalks

that are embedded on my heart.

You have dimples now;

She has a matching pair.

Reflected back at me through a veil of ceaseless drops,

Is a somber smile.

I couldn’t freeze your enchantment

Or cage your swelling heart any longer.

You were mine, but I knew I wasn’t the one for you

so I opened the door…

And you walked out with a souvenir. 

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Erin Winans
Erin Winans

Hello! I'm Erin and I'm a recent graduate from James Madison University. Ultimately, my dream job is to become a film critic, so I made a personal blog in which I post reviews I write in my free time. 

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I Knew I Wasn’t the One for You
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