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I Am Happy

A Poem About Hiding Behind a Mask

Image via Pinterest

I put up a wall

With a sturdy base

One that blocks my emotions

From being shown

To those

Who ask

“What’s wrong?”

To those

Who tell me to

“Let them in,”

A while ago

The wall

Didn’t exist

Not even a brick

But over the years

Block by block

It has been built higher and higher

Unable to be

Knocked down

No longer

Do people know whether I’m



Or struggling to live

Struggling to let another

Breath of air

In my lungs

I walk down the halls

Smile brighter than the sun

Talking to friends

Behind a wall

Of lies


“I am happy”

Gabi Dennerlein
Gabi Dennerlein

Hi, I'm Gabi! Welcome to my profile :) I’m an aspiring story and poem writer who puts her experiences and thoughts down for people to read and understand what isn’t usually talked about. Enjoy and drop a tip while you’re at it ;)

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I Am Happy
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