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It's fun.

Hey it's me, it's Bertha G

I just wanted to tell you

what will be will be

don't fret or ponder

on anything really

cuz life is to short

for us to see clearly

that's why we shouldn't judge

others on what they're doing

cuz it's not about you

or them or any one particular human

It's not about one man

two man rich man

womb man

it's about hu man


living peace


under one roof

you see?

not you

or me

or them

or we

it's us

you see?


so the next time you see

someone doing there own thing

which is all the time everywhere

winter summer fall spring

don't judge them and say

better do it my way

cuz yours is all wrong

and mines here to stay

I believe that's what Hitler was saying

when he was killing off Jews

and brainwashing others

to agree with his views

it takes too much energy

in my point of view

and takes away the fun

I could be having with you

you know? The fun

of being human, it's true

It's fun to be human

in spite or in leu

of the the fact that your

judging and hating me too

I will sit back and laugh

surrounded by a few that

will be sitting back and laughing too

at you!

it's hilarious that you think

that you can change me

or the things that I do

or change the course of

herstory too...

don't fret

don't ponder

let it all play out

you'll see in the end

there's a reason

no doubt...

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