MCBerthaG Divinity

BFA in modern dance performance from CSU Long Beach. 30 year master Pilates instructor. Writer, rhymer, choreographer, dog lover,  with an undying faith.

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In My Dreams
4 days ago
In my dreams there are people on the street Loving everyone they meet always huggin and kissin cheek to cheek never passin by without a greet unable to stop moving there feet cuz the music's always gr...
Breathe In
a month ago
So this is what it's been all about Bertha G? It's been about you wanting to come out and see? To swim in the rivers and sit among trees? You evil bitch! How dare you play with me I've been in pain is...
Thriving on Apology
a month ago
You never did what's right seeing with 20/20 hindsight you always fucked up then idealized the make-up that's what excited you somehow I always knew you'd never make me happy thriving on apology You w...
Breeding War Machines
3 months ago
Sssshhh come closer child do dare I have to whisper in your ear Don't believe anything you see Or anything you hear They're trying to hypnotize me As well as you dear They put it everywhere we be All ...
It's Me
5 months ago
if you think I won't be fine by myself you couldn't be more wrong I'll put this book back up on the shelf and choose to write this song cuz you see there is another in me her name is Bertha G she is a...
The Communicator
5 months ago
I am the communicator the annillator the instigator the revelator the hatred hater the mediator the see ya later the castrater the love maker the risk taker the outbreaker the non faker the milk shake...