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Gent, Gand, Ghent.

What are you to me?

You're my home when I feel homesick. My place to live when I feel like dying. My chaos in this orderly world, and order in my world of chaos. My home, Gand. Ghent, Gent. 

The brewing sound you bring forth each and every day, is what I need. The happiness of your streets is what I wish to have. Your careless ways I cherish already, too much. That's why we love you, Gand. Ghent, Gent.

We the people who energize you are as much defined by you as we define you. We decide your mood as we fill your streets with live, laughter and love. As a person would fill the days of his partner with love and laughter. That's why I love you, Gand. Ghent, Gent.

I just want to say, thank you. Gent.

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