Fields of Heather

A Comforting Poem Exploring Themes of Grief and Spirituality

So hold my hand awhile, but you can keep my heart forever,

I know that you exist elsewhere, dancing in fields of heather.

We walk through the trees, across the winding bend,

Our laughter bites the wind, the coldness it does fend.

Casting pebbles to a lake, as light drifts beyond the shore,

I call your name, but suddenly, I cannot see you anymore.

You faded like a distant dream, upon the morning air,

Although you are not here, I know you are always there.

For the memories between us, are ingrained upon my heart,

Your voice forever lingering, so we shall never be apart.

Death is just a journey, on which we all must go,

As certain as ocean waves, and the winds that blow.

I may not see your smiling face, or your tumbling hair,

But the link between us lasts, and I will always care.

So hold my hand awhile, but you can keep my heart forever,

I know that you exist elsewhere, dancing in fields of heather.

One day we shall reunite, and it's not a case of "if" but "when,"

For the soul lives, eternal—I know that we will meet again.

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Fields of Heather
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