Holly Bushnell

Writer and illustrator... writing poems and stories about topics that matter to me, observations of the world, human experiences and emotion! 

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Life's Trail
3 months ago
I have been to many a places, I have turned over many a stone, I have followed the moonlit river, That babbles so softly, alone. I have followed the morning blackbird, Singing its idyllic, sweet, litt...
A Tree's Plea
4 months ago
Do not break my branches, do not destroy my soul, Taking me from Formby would leave a gaping hole. Do not saw my trunk, and do not break my heart, I was here before you, right from the very start. I a...
Nana's Fairies
6 months ago
Under the apple tree and through the leafy hedge, Over the rickety fences and under the window ledge, There resides a family of fairies within a lilac bush - Please watch your footing and make sure yo...
Man's Best Friend
7 months ago
Hi, how are you — where have you been today? Actually, don't worry, there's no time to say. I'm so happy to see you, pleased you are back, It's walkies, I see, as you shrug on your mac. You talk to me...
An Ode to a Hunting Cat
7 months ago
I'm the intrepid hunter of the land, The one whose visit is never planned. I'm the agile climber of the trees, Bringer of death and hater of fleas. I may only be little but I stand tall, Predator of t...
Beach Days
7 months ago
Birds fly high, wondering where it is they will go, Down misty paths and roads, winds softly blow. A little boy toddles, collecting shells at the shore, Periwinkles and cockles, and many others more. ...