Facade/Death to My Frustrations



I don’t know if I should say I’m on my grind or living on a dime.

Every time it’s the same old rhyme.

I’m living a lie, no need to cry.

As I fly I die inside knowing the pain inside is spreading like poison, in fact, its mold because I’m old.

I was told by the unforetold that I would be towed by the winds of chance, but as I glance I realize that such words should have been unspoken.

I’m living a lie, no need to cry.


If you die today

No one would care

If I cry today

No one would dare

Ask me if I’m ok

It’s funny

Cause they always call me

Trying to fool me

This isn’t the cool me

I’m no longer your tool

Hand me the glock, BOOM

Death to my frustrations

I’m in a tornado storm

Of misbehavior

Don’t save what cannot be rescued

Hand me the glock, BOOM

Death to all my frustrations

You can no longer rule me

No longer a fool

Throw away the spool

No longer your thread

Go ahead and tread

Stomp the ground

Make all kinds of sounds

You’re dead to me

See, I’m flying free

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Facade/Death to My Frustrations
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