Crown Nobl3

Poetry is my silent voice.

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January 22nd
a year ago
Here we go once again, ya’ll. You would think that after December 7th and April 12th I would figure it out, but now here we are at January 22nd and I’m still nothing but a fool in the eyes of every ne...
Tragic Love Story
a year ago
She is my love, my life, my dove, my wife Her smile transcends all dimensions and reaches out to me no matter the distance Her eyes speak volumes of admiration and pierces like lasers into the deepest...
Facade/Death to My Frustrations
a year ago
FAÇADE I don’t know if I should say I’m on my grind or living on a dime. Every time it’s the same old rhyme. I’m living a lie, no need to cry. As I fly I die inside knowing the pain inside is spreadin...
January 2018
a year ago
Here we are again, another turn in history A time where promises are made to oneself and each other and then broken Moments are so precious and so are resolutions In the end, we repeat the cycle and s...
Once Upon A Time
a year ago
I wish I were a butterfly so that I could escape my fears I wish I were young again without a care in the world I wish I were something you wanted and needed I wish a lot upon the stars, but they hold...
a year ago
I’m a hopeless romantic Going about my day worrying about the love of my life Guess I’m just wondering where he’s at Spent too much time wanting a past love You know, like the kinds from the 90s The o...