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Eternally Human

The Human Experience

When dawn glides over the ocean,

and first manages to kiss the shore.

what will be the first thought on your mind?

Your love, your passion, maybe quiet solitary self reflection?

When the moon manages to stretch up into the inky blackness of the night sky,

where will you be?

At home peacefully sleeping beside your partner, 

maybe dancing amidst other energetic individuals just trying to free themselves from their mundane evening plans?

Or will you be studying the stars?

Cataloging each constellation, 

reminding yourself just how small you truly are against the vastness of space?

These moments may be fleeting,

but this is what keeps us humble.

We feel the true depth of what it means to be human,

to be encumbered by our humanity,

but also freed by it, by the raw feeling of just being a speck of time in history.

Trapped in the short span of a lifetime,

but witnessing all the wonders of eternity.

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Eternally Human
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