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Rising Without You Seeing Me

 I don't know why it took me so long to figure out

That things weren't going to change

I had high expectations

Now they have dwindled away

I get mad

It's the same thing everyday

So glad that I finally learned

That things will just remain the same

Things will never change

I can paint all of the stars blue

Add sparkles and diamonds too

Yet you have your head down

You don't like blue

You don't care that it might mean something to me

If you cared

Then you want me to look at all of the stars you have painted

It's not fair

I'm tired of caring that you don't care

I'm tired of wanting you to care

So I've decided to not care anymore

That you don't care

You can live your life without you looking at my stars

I can shine without you

Even though it hurts like hell, because I love you the most

Even though I feel lonely

I will live without you being 'there'

Even though I have your love

I won't waste my time silently

Wanting something from you that I can't have

I will do it for me

Do it for them

I will let that be enough

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