Jennifer Cypert

  A lover of all the impossibles if only they are in my head.

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Bastard Prayer
10 days ago
Bastard Prayer I don’t know when it was Or why it happened But I hope that someday I will cross your mind I hope that I am a constant thought In the back of your brain. Every night as you lay in your ...
12 days ago
I don't know why it took me so long to figure out That things weren't going to change I had high expectations Now they have dwindled away I get mad It's the same thing everyday So glad that I finally ...
20 days ago
Just for the sake of protection, I will not use his name. He had dark auburn hair, medium built. The type of guy I would enjoy wrapping my legs around. In as few words as possible, hot as hell. Funny,...
The Box in the Basement
20 days ago
I will never forget the day my teacher gave us this special assignment. It was a special one because it was a contest. The winner would get a $50.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble and would be publishe...