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Ellipsis and Asterisk

An unspoken love story

I wish to speak in ellipsis and asterisk

Dots and dashes

Etcetera to thought crashes

That trickled from the words of this mouth

Moved by breath over my lips

To steal a kiss from the window of sunset

And the semicolon of the corners of smiles

That mile that stretches years before it rests

On little wrinkles around the eye

The pause between a beat

It always carries on

Like the sounds of feet-kissing pavement or kicking rocks

Dancing in puddles or climbing bark

The leaves rustle too loudly to keep the whisper safe

It's a secret anyway

Meant to be told in confidential

Ellipsis and asterisk

They were lovers once

Chasing the lines on a blank piece of page

Looking for the curve of a pen to color them useful-

Color them Truthful

Like the lines in eyes-in there be monsters

With nowhere to hide

Blink once, you can say you tried

But to blink again is to open your eyes a second time

And not to see is fallacy

That in each monster breathes you and me

And we are starlights, dust and shine

Playing at humans aching for Divine

And so I wish to speak in ellipsis and asterisk

Because I have a feeling they know the Truth of it

Tucked away somewhere

Between the beat of etcetera, and the kiss of lips.

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Heather Climer
Heather Climer

A chaotic combination of music, molecules, color and curiosity. Fueled by no small amount of caffeine, I find inspiration in the world around me, and do my best to represent my reality.

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Ellipsis and Asterisk
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