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Draining Obliteration

My Only Sensation

Instances of sweet obliteration 

My mind finally stops reeling like a radio station

I choke on all the stuff I shouldn’t mention

But let it all go with the tension 

I have so many unanswered questions

Who am I?

What are we?

Are we connected?

I place my heart in your space and expect you to face the consequences 

Why am I this way?

I’m sorry

You shouldn’t have met me

See, I have no ambition

I just flow with what I went with

Don’t ever think of whom I affected 

I’m a walking hurricane

With no resentment 

Kill my words

Love my soul

Never stop to count my blessings

I’m an unthankful swine 

Can’t help that my eyes are blind to growth from hard work 

I’d rather already feel the worth 

No patience, and it hurts 

But that’s my own knife in my back 

Waiting to see who will pull it out first

Will you do the honors?

No, that’s not what you deserve

I’m a natural disaster

Sometimes I feel cursed

My mind doesn’t work how others work

I don’t care about money or if deaths around the corner

I care about being funny and giving others less order 

To me people’s smiles are worth more than your quarters

I could be dying on the streets and still be cracking jokes to hear your laugh

- fast forward -

I can’t afford rent

All our money is spent

A good heart left me with a mess

You left me

Got a new address

Because no matter how much I want to get paid for my dreams

I confess

I’ll never make anything

Any lover I have

Will leave me for a check

Leave me on the streets

The way i’d imagine i’d be

Lonely with pens and peace 

But no one to feel complete

I’ll drink myself way too deep

Convince myself no one needs me

Write what’s left 

Then let myself bleed

My blood will drip to the drain

With the rest of the worlds waste

Life of sweet obliteration 

Down the drain

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Draining Obliteration
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