Ecarg Nosive

I'm a 22 year old writer from Ohio trying to make my passion, my career. Besides writing I enjoy animals, nature, and concerts. 

Moon Fate
2 days ago
The moon peeks between parted clouds Does it know my secrets? Does it know the thoughts are getting loud? It’s shine dims as the clouds settle down “I feel the same as you How do we go about?” It hide...
Snake in the Grass
2 days ago
I stumbled across a serpent in the grass We stared at each other in a perpetual trance Uneasy not knowing what it’ll do next Its intentions seemed far too perplexed After a while I thought we’d be fri...
Worthy Stars
11 days ago
I look up to the sky and see the stars I can’t help but wonder where you are This night is actually very far From when we used to hold each other in our arms Are you with the one you love? Do you ever...
Dying Dreams
13 days ago
Here I am glazed with a sense of self pity words cannot describe I see the wear and tear of my financial rut in the bags under my mom's eyes I always say going out to eat with friends would be nice bu...
Struggle to the Sky
a month ago
I’m not who I was Therefore I can not become who I thought I should be I have to overcome all these demons inside of me Sometimes I want to run As far away as the eye can see Maybe distance from mysel...
Wax Hearts
a month ago
The flame was there but then I touched it with wet hands I couldn’t care, my shield wouldn’t bend It’s not fair to you that our wax hearts can’t mend Yet I still melt in to you like they can I’m sorry...