Ecarg Nosive

I'm a 22 year old writer from Ohio trying to make my passion, my career. Besides writing I enjoy animals, nature, and concerts. 

Sympathy Is for the Weak
2 days ago
Why are you so sad all the time? Why can’t you get those same things off your mind? By now you should have been fine The clock is ticking and all you’ve been doing is lying in your bed, lying to your ...
5 days ago
She feels like all she does is re-build herself just to destroy herself all over again and she doesn’t know how to stop the cycle These building blocks are getting tired Wonder if they’ll hold up any ...
Friend or Foe?
a month ago
I don’t kiss my friends like that my dear Oh no, not in that way I don’t brush their hair behind their ear Or gently caress their face I don’t touch them there my dear Unless we’re in a drunken state ...
If Words Were Said
a month ago
*10 PM on our bed in our house filled with dread* Her: “I’m ignoring you because we are falling apart” Me: “You’re destroying me, your silence is filled with my thoughts” Her: “I love you but sometime...
Thought to Failure
2 months ago
She’s finally learned how to control her mental health or at least that’s what she tells herself when she feels happy that she got the help but something is missing that puts her confidence on the she...
Yellow Balloon
3 months ago
She sits on the sidewalk with her yellow balloon She doesn’t make a sound, doesn’t talk, but inside screams the truth A tear rolls off her pretty cheek as goals and reality meet Who knew what she had ...