Ecarg Nosive

I'm a 22 year old writer from Ohio trying to make my passion, my career. Besides writing I enjoy animals, nature, and concerts. 

She Lived
a month ago
She lived in a sea of green she never saw Waves of trees crashed in to her empty soul She unwillingly works until the sun is gone Shadows of mountains darken after long She lived in a dream she never ...
To the Moon
a month ago
I love you to the moon and back But it takes a long time to get to the moon I don’t want to move too fast Then I won’t meet all the parts of you I could fall at first glance But what exactly would tha...
Bloom in Storm
a month ago
Always in a constant storm Rage of thunder, rain of cure Cry a river, save what hurts At least this damp nature can’t be burned Drenched in sorrow Growth in pain Lighting strikes so stay away Numbness...
Dancing in the Rain
a month ago
She danced in the rain as it dripped down her face Or was that a tear that water drops replaced She splashed in a puddle that went up in a raid Or was that her desires waiting for change Her wet hair ...
Searching for What She Has
a month ago
She drinks water from a cup she hasn’t washed in a week She used up her parents pockets until they asked her to leave She works seven hours a day eight days a week Used her paychecks on concerts she c...
Sinking Submarine
2 months ago
I’m in my car but it’s a submarine The traffic lights are Christmas colored fish gleaming in the ocean’s current The static from the radio is the monstrous waves hitting the surface Enclosed by water,...