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Do You Remember

How could you forget?

do you even remember

the way your heart raced the first time I laid my head on your chest

the way our first kiss felt when I looked up and you looked down just in time to meet me half way 

the way our first till next time felt unsure of what we were doing and when that would be but sure that we wanted it to last

the way our first I love you made the butterflies in our tummy flutter that even though it was through a screen you didn’t feel 5,368 miles away 

I could feel the warmth of those 3 words as if you were holding me again 

do you even remember

the anticipation of every next first hug how it was always hard to believe the first few hours together again 

how we cherished the next first time we made love so deep and so pure

the way we clinged on each other at night as if letting go would be waking from a dream alone 

the sweet surprise of waking next to you and kissing me good morning 

how could you forget

your promise to always come back 

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Do You Remember
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