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I don't like what I'm hearing, let's not play this by


How do I face my emotions once they're mixed heavily

With fear?

How long have I been here? It's not suppose to end


The darker side of my reflection was never supposed to have been


The awareness I raised, versus the standards I


If I'm always looking back how will I know when I'm moving


You left me no option, so I chose not to be


Many have toyed with my reserved heart, but you'll never play with the


I can escape this triangle remembering the corners that I


Is it too inhuman to admit that I needed to be


My motives remain unrelatable, due to the space I've


Do I "pump up this volume" even though I know you'll try to

Deflate it?

Even higher to new heights, do I have permission to rest up


Perhaps I'll understand "Pillow Talk" when I finally rest my


Am I sheltered or just not accustomed to such


A kiss at a questionable expense, even though the hugs were


Michael avant
Michael avant

Hello fellow creators. In short I'm nothing more than a very big fan of this art form we all love called Poetry. Playing with words and thoughts, bending and twisting ideas is all part of this therapeutic yet challenging past time. 

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