Cultural Gentrification

Using the Water Cycle

Cultural Gentrification

Step 1. Evaporation—our cultures are gettin lost in evaporation.

Went from segregation to Replication. You see, they want us to live in separation, then bring us together, take what they like, then back to isolation. Then, they rewrite the history of our nation, removing the all facts from the basin.

If you want the proper illustration don't look to America, all you'll get is a fabrication.

Step 2 Condensation—they take patches and threads from all the ethnic folk, cram em all together onto one big cloak. Suffocating the people like an impenetrable smoke.

Clouding the lines diversifying them, funneled into a singular spoke.

To compensate for its lack of substance, these products are to be sold in abundance.

Eventually it'll get to the point of redundance

But by that point there will be a reluctance to break the cycle of indulgence.

Why is that? Well, authenticity now costs too much, they can't compete with the diluted mass production. Before you know it, authenticity is in a stage of reduction, Before you know it authenticity is under construction.

Before you know it, Authenticity needs to move because white culture is making its introduction.

All in the effort to make America great again... I guess every cloud has its silver lining, but is this the silver lining or the silver lying?

The underlying truth is that those responsible for this are lying under the truth

Step 3. Precipitation—white supremacy is in a torrential down pour

The storm has yet to seize

Seems our president wants a war

With all His acidic rain over the Middle East

We must show him the door

If we don't liquidate his reign, we might all end up deceased.

But simply defeating him doesn't Trump the beast.

As Hollow versions of the mom and pop stores start to precipitate in.

This whole process is starting to dehydrate/ dissipate kin

It's No longer a village that raises the kid, rather minors letting the clip rain, dying of thirst, living in sin

Step 4. Run-off

As the water continues to rise, we can no longer absorb these lies

Our roots are drowning, the very essence of our soil is being whitewashed, weeds are sprouting.

I don't mean to be so cynically Sounding

But we Are the very crops that they are ploughing

We must excavate the irrigation, if we wanna save the culture of our nation 

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Cultural Gentrification