Tristan Reaves

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a month ago
You like what you see, but do you even know what you’re seeing? Those who came before you can be so misleading Initially you can’t think for yourself so you emulate your predecessors They think they’r...
Teach Me to Spell
a month ago
Teach Me to Spell Watching church through a stained glass Disappointed with my present, more so my past. How can I be progressing so slow when I'm living so fast? I have such a tendency to live on E. ...
My Sadist
2 months ago
Don’t talk to me, whisper to my ear For it is the only part of my being willing to hear. Pierce me with your toxic spear, Paralyze me by way of your poison with fear. Infiltrate my mind, adjust my gea...
Own Worst Enemy
9 months ago
Own worst enemy the opposite of pro is con, that’s why it’s called congress. The very disease giving this country jaundice. Their antics so monstrous. As a mass we’re unconscious. Allowing them to con...
What Am I Talkin About?
10 months ago
Abbreviated state of inebriation Extended period of infatuation Take a second, assess the situation Living in a society of emotional inflation Dying in this cold and hurting world of soul deprivation ...
Cultural Gentrification
10 months ago
Cultural Gentrification Step 1. Evaporation—our cultures are gettin lost in evaporation. Went from segregation to Replication. You see, they want us to live in separation, then bring us together, take...