Bump in the Night

What's that sound?

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Your eyes hang low,

Your breathing slows

Dreams hover in the night

Images hanging just out of sight

Wait, you think, something is wrong

You shiver violently, your skin crawls


It’s your imagination, you shake your head

Close your eyes, back to bed

You can’t close your eyes, the fear is too strong

What’s going on, something is wrong

You’re paralyzed, but is it with fear?

Or is it by something, someone, who’s here?

You can barely breathe, your mind runs wild

You’re acting ridiculous, like a child

You can’t stop the feeling, you just can’t

You can breathe now, it comes out in pants

If only you could know, if you only had sight

To see what it was — that bump in the night

Robin Penn
Robin Penn

I'm a college student who loves to write about anything and everything! I hope to reach a lot of people through Vocal.

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Bump in the Night