Robin Penn

I'm a college student who loves to write about anything and everything! I hope to reach a lot of people through Vocal.

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10 months ago
Weeping, or fond memories shared By people in black Hugs and wishes For what they can’t get back These are the things I had hoped to find When my life and body Were no longer mine Closed casket They’r...
Bump in the Night
10 months ago
Your eyes hang low, Your breathing slows Dreams hover in the night Images hanging just out of sight Wait, you think, something is wrong You shiver violently, your skin crawls Bump It’s your imaginatio...
Memory Lane
10 months ago
The grass is greener, looking behind On the well-worn path, the sunset shines You can feel a bittersweet wind blow The smells of childhood fill your nose The fire of nostalgia is quickly kindled Your ...