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Brown Goddesses

A reminder to young, modern brown women navigating their way through the world.

When life becomes disappointing, 

When society turns on you 

and stops making sense, 

When you find new joys 

rising up your belly like butterflies

and you are told to swallow them whole,

because "log kya kahenge?

Take a deep breath, baby

and close your eyes; 

Think of sugar canes, 

sweet and fibrous, 

thick -

Think of the women

that toil each day,

resolute spines,

determined hips

calloused hands

soft against your cheek - 

Revel in the pure luck

and lose yourself in joy:

you exist here,

in this moment,

this era

in this place. 

The sacrifices of so many 

before you

have afforded you this privilege - 

to live wholly

explore roads previously untraveled 

and seek new paths. 

To make mistakes 

and own up to them, too.

So, sister - 

listen closely when the brown goddess calls 

from within, 

feel her golden caramel blood

circulating your veins, 

reminding you that you

belong simply to yourself,

no permission slips

no buyers-bewares 

no remorse. 

Step out your front door

and feel what it's like

to be afraid of no one. 

Live your life

to the fullest,

taste the sweetness

of autonomy on your



wear the crown

of independence 

like this 

is the one thing,

you were made for. 

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Brown Goddesses
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