Chahat Sharma

Avid reader, passionate writer.

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7 months ago
Call every ounce of your power back to you. Hear the echoes of ancestral flesh and bone, their wisdoms, their pains and their stories, as they course through your blood - a colour as rich as your zest...
Mother Earth
a year ago
I walk among the mixed trees in the small, shady forest. The Earth is covered in snappy, old sticks and crunchy leaves that call to me, “Come sit, and hear our stories” The bold shapely rock holding s...
The Garden of Life
a year ago
As I walk through the garden, the garden of life, I touch the sweet roses, and twirl in delight. We play until darkness, they promise me love, but when the night falls, I see only stars above. My rose...
Seven-Day Cycle
a year ago
Monday is mellow. Mysterious and slow. Tuesday is tough. Puts on a good show. Wednesday is wisdom and Thursday's true love. Mid-week magic, see the stars above. Friday is fervor, and Saturday is soft,...
The Warrior Woman
a year ago
He held my hand and said I'd never have to walk alone again. I looked at him, my hair a mess, my body scarred from war, face smeared with dirt. I squeezed his soft hand, smiled and picked up my sword,...
a year ago
The promise of tomorrow, the gift of today. That time is something borrowed and nothing's here to stay. Use your time here wisely make every moment count. Treat people kindly, and eradicate self-doubt...