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Reaching out too late.

Watching you build bridges

Long, winding, complicated

Your eyes focussed, the edges

Crinkled, each crease indicating

One more hurdle in the fabric

Of this living.

The music blaring, yet I know

You can't hear a single word

Your mind playing a symphony

Of its own construction, as you

Slowly piece together another

Forgotten masterpiece.

You've hit an obstacle, and you

Try to hide it, but it shows

In the way you're narrowing

Your eyes, in the tension in your

Shoulders, in the stubborn set of

Your full lips.

You've solved it, and all the signs

Disappear, tossed away like a

Lover you never intended to keep

Your eyes lit up with the light of

Victory, the air stained with the

Perfume of success.

The bridge is almost complete

Your hair hides your face but

I know you're smiling, and as you

Place that final piece, right in front

Of me, you look up expectantly

And I strike a match.

Shivani Vani
Shivani Vani

I'm a 20 year old psychology student, currently living in the UK, originally from India. Love reading, write poetry and care about mental health issues. Also cats.

Find me on Instagram and Mirakee @literarycanvaspainting!

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