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Breaking My Glasses

"While I could not see what was in front of me, my senses now became my eyes. My dreams now connected me to the future. I saw beneath. I became my universe. I was truly powerful."

Like a bat walking in the daylight

I assumed being blind was my biggest flaw

Instead it became my greatest strength

I rested my mind and bathed in the sun

Feeling the ground beneath my bare feet

Connecting with nature in every aspect

Vision obscured, my body came to my rescue

I could now hear whispers louder than rumbles

I could feel your negative vibration tugging at my stomach

I smelled the soursop juice coming from my co-worker's bottle

I tasted it in my mouth from across the conference table

I drooled.

The distance was a mile away,

But that within my scope of vision was enhanced.

I saw the energy around me; 

I felt the raw energy of the microwave rattle my skin;

I felt the electricity running from my phone to my hand. 

The dogs came towards me. I understood them.

An empty stomach created a powerful body and mind.

I retreated to the forest's embrace

I calmed my mind,

I cleansed my soul,

I pushed my body,

We found peace as we meditated,

The Trinity connected.

Eventually my sight passed that of the three dimensional

With my past cleared, my dreams showed me the future

I left my body often, as I slept...

Projecting my mind out of my being

I watched the present,

I glimpsed what was to come

Even as you watched Jaws movies,

Even as I tried to save you from an argument with a loved one

Floating outside your window.

How far can my mind go?

I saw its depths. 

I felt my power.

I tried to harness it.

It was powerful.

I held on to it,

They're not ready.

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Breaking My Glasses
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