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Blood Brothers


If we hadn't of gone out, this wouldn't have happened.

The bastard who dropped the needle, I'd beat the crap out of them.

I feel partly to blame because I got too rough with my playing.

No, don't argue with me, it needed saying.

I've never worried so much for another.

The results arrive but you can't bring yourself to open the envelope.

I'm right here holding your hand praying you can cope.

You read the words "We are sorry to inform you." and burst into tears.

I hold you tighter like I'm trying to squeeze out the fears.

I will attend to you like a doting mother.

Five months later and the deterioration shows.

It feels suffocating as your pain and my sadness equally grows.

I do all I can to make you comfortable but I know it's not enough.

The winds of this storm are getting unbearably rough.

I'm going to put you above all others.

You're so weak, you can barely move.

I've made the decision to eternally be with you.

I come out the kitchen with a sharpened knife.

I understand I'm making the ultimate sacrifice.

What happens next, I want your eyes to have cover.

Cutting your palm and then slicing my own.

I'm not going to let you suffer alone.

I clasp your bloody hand with the redness of mine.

Imaging that our DNA combines.

We will become more than star crossed lovers.

Binding our wrists with the white ribbon I prepared.

Now you've no need to be scared.

Tears stream down both our cheeks as I kiss your head.

Vowing my everlasting love as I carry you to bed.

Ready to leave this life with my blood brother.

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Blood Brothers
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