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Bertha G Has Gone to Sleep

Don't wait up.

Bertha G has gone to sleep

she has gone to rest

she needs time to weep

she has done her best

now it's time to keep

her promises unless

she is just counting sheep

and waiting for this mess

to reveal the creep

who added the stress

and stole from the meek

she'll be back again I'm sure

she can't stay away

she'll wait for the unpure

to filter through clay

we'll see the real doer

he'll reveal his here say

as a pile of manure

in front of our day

Don't bother looking out

she'll make herself known

there will be no more doubt

your minds will be blown

you'll hear a big shout

and then a long drawn out moan

and the world will turn about

and give her her throne

and find out it's not clout

but a happy... loving... home...

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Bertha G Has Gone to Sleep
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