Back to the Black


In the silence, I triumph.

In the dark, I spark.

I can't see anything and this I prefer.

No judgemental looks to my view will occur.

I've tightened up the slack.

Take me back to the black.

My shadow is the only company for the likes of me.

We don't care for crowds, we find them too loud.

I won't have to second guess his every move.

I have no point of which to prove.

I'll slip away through the cracks.

I want to go back to the black.

Quiet, dark, alone have made sure I have flown.

These words sound empty, they are meant to be.

A blank canvas, a new space and a fresh start from the past.

The frustration gave me the strength to break away from the cast.

I thought this life was too hard for me to hack.

But now I'm more than happy to go back to the black.

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Back to the Black
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