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Baby Birds

This poem is about saving baby birds that fell out of a nest. It’s something that happened nearly every spring while I was growing up. Kindness matters.

I learned compassion for animals at an early age.

Saving baby birds who fell out of their nest near my bedroom window and were lucky enough to land on a pile of leaves in the driveway.

Not all of them were so lucky. 

These birds had just hatched and had no feathers yet.

They were helpless newborns that didn't know how to fly and needed their mother's warmth to keep them safe and out of danger. 

Their tiny see-through bird bodies were bones and veins.

Mother bird had to chew up worms for them and then feed them each one by one in their nest made out of grass and twigs. 

I recall spotting them with their tiny mouths open crying for their mothers.

Crying for anyone to come and help them. 

I picked the tiny bird up gently and held it in the palm of my hand.

I inspected it for puncture wounds and other signs of trauma.

I examined it closely to see if it had been hurt during its fall from the nest.

I didn't have the heart to let this delicate creature lay there helpless.

The sun surely would have burned its delicate skin and stray cats would have had this infant for lunch. 

Then I bought this tiny bird inside to my mother. 

I fed the bird small amounts of wet cat food mixed with water using an eyedropper before he was transported to Blanford Nature Center.

My mother made many calls on the phone to our local vet office and also nature centers that specialized in wildlife rescue. 

She was determined to save this little bird that I found. 

I learned compassion for animals from my mother.

Kindness matters.

Respect the life of other living things. 

This bird had a purpose and was able to thrive and be released into the wild to live its life with other birds of its kind. 


*This poem will be featured in my upcoming book Peeling Sanity.

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Baby Birds
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