Kay Williams

I am a poet and a photographer 

To see more of my work check out 

@soggy.waffle.poetry and @kaysphoto.graphy on Instagram 

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4 months ago
Feeling so deep So blue. Drowning in no sleep Unless I am next to you. So from here, my dear What is it I am supposed to do? Fill my feelings of loneliness with rapid warm tears and bruised fists? Rid...
6 months ago
It's not the fact of needing you It's the fact of wanting you Having you by my side is like carrying a boutique of lavender And I love it I love having you with me You get me You know me Sometimes mor...
Be You
7 months ago
'But are you?' My conscious asked after I screamed at myself telling myself I am a fuck up. Convincing myself I am a failure. But am I? 'You are not.' I am. 'No. I wouldn’t say you are.' Then what am ...
No Title 2
9 months ago
Been waking up depressed everyday for the past month. And everyday for the past month I've wanted to die. But really, do I? I'm so unhappy, I don't know why But I know when I look up there is blue in ...
No Title
9 months ago
Take care! Thanks, I will! I don't. I skip meals, I don't wash my hair for days at a time, I don't lotion my body knowing my skin is extra sensitive come winter time. I smile when I feel like crying a...
Selfless Needs
9 months ago
Just because I am a closed book does not mean my feelings should go unnoticed. Yes of course, I get nervous when asked "are you ohkay?" Especially in front of a room full of other people and yes only ...