Kay Williams

I am a poet and a photographer 

To see more of my work check out 

@soggy.waffle.poetry and @kaysphoto.graphy on Instagram 

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12 days ago
It's not the fact of needing you It's the fact of wanting you Having you by my side is like carrying a boutique of lavender And I love it I love having you with me You get me You know me Sometimes mor...
Be You
a month ago
'But are you?' My conscious asked after I screamed at myself telling myself I am a fuck up. Convincing myself I am a failure. But am I? 'You are not.' I am. 'No. I wouldn’t say you are.' Then what am ...
No Title 2
3 months ago
Been waking up depressed everyday for the past month. And everyday for the past month I've wanted to die. But really, do I? I'm so unhappy, I don't know why But I know when I look up there is blue in ...
No Title
3 months ago
Take care! Thanks, I will! I don't. I skip meals, I don't wash my hair for days at a time, I don't lotion my body knowing my skin is extra sensitive come winter time. I smile when I feel like crying a...
Selfless Needs
3 months ago
Just because I am a closed book does not mean my feelings should go unnoticed. Yes of course, I get nervous when asked "are you ohkay?" Especially in front of a room full of other people and yes only ...
Happy Place
4 months ago
This is my happy place, as odd as it may seem sitting in my jeep hours on end if it were comfy enough I'd just sleep in it and I'm sure I could do so. This is my stress free zone and I know its strang...