Joseph McCartney

A senior at Boston College studying Finance & English. I love to write short stories and screenplays. 

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Fell in a Well
4 months ago
I fell in love. Well, more like I fell in a well so deep beneath the earth it broke my feet, three toes, two ribs, my face and chin, but I was fine because my heart awoke! So everything became so clea...
4 months ago
I’ve imagined a dragon before– Thrown it together with horns, scales, and talons. I’ve thought about watching it soar– Higher than all of the peaks and mountains. Could I ever see it if it flew? Or fi...
Hi, God, It's Me Again
4 months ago
Hi, God, it’s me again. Now where should we begin? I don’t know why I still call. It seems like you don’t care at all I have friends that have gone away. They tell me they’ve gone your way. Why steal ...
4 months ago
I didn’t know Mac Miller, and I don’t know why I’m sad. There are people who called him a friend and went to his funeral, I just liked his music. Car crashes and overdoses have taken away real friends...