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And Still the Drum Kept Beating

The Dark Night of the Soul

Time should have frozen, as space collapsed,
And matter melted mind.
Her body began excreting
And still the drum kept beating.

She pressed pause, they pressed play—
Not ready for today.
Today continued fleeting
And still the drum kept beating.

She breaks, she needs a break,
She needs to be alone.
It's like the world is cheating
And still the drum kept beating.

Everything moves around her,
But she is standing still.
Unanswered prayers repeating
And still the drum kept beating.

Shadows obscured in the dark,
No candle to light the way.
Soul screams shrill a greeting
And still the drum kept beating.

Let me sleep! Let me wake!
Let me find the way!
With God she calls a meeting,
Arranges comfy seating,
Waits while the world keeps eating,
Time, the traitor, still defeating,
Coming undone - it needs completing,
And the memories of You deleting,
It's a beginning and an end competing,
Be still my heart—it's beating.

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And Still the Drum Kept Beating
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