A. Russell

Writing poetry is my jam and life is my wholemeal bread. 

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Your Heart Knows
2 months ago
Dearest, For betterment or for worse, I bury my feet inches deep And the tendrils of my awareness deeper still. Here in the now and there in the then and Ahead in the next, searching for the sun, Like...
4 months ago
What's worse? Catching this curse? I've got a disease that no doctor can nurse See me riding the back of a hearse I reacted adverse The dreams got perverse And I can't reverse this, I'm fully immersed...
And Still the Drum Kept Beating
6 months ago
Time should have frozen, as space collapsed, And matter melted mind. Her body began excreting And still the drum kept beating. She pressed pause, they pressed play— Not ready for today. Today continue...
In Slumber I Miss
8 months ago
Another night without a sleep, I dare not try, I count no sheep. For I can't bear to take the risk, In slumber it's you I could miss. Waste not one moment resting sound. It's far more sound with you a...
a year ago
Reach me Across the seas Under the skies ahead Through this clever machinery Caught me By every nerve And all my senses wildly Augmenting this reality Stop us! That foreigner And I with the stars cros...
a year ago
When the days are short and we're in darkness And the solstice came and been And you marvel at the trees in all their starkness Unchanged is the Evergreen. Leaves turned colour, then they'd fallen The...