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A Butterfly Named Guardian


One day I prayed that God would give me a guardian angel,

because I knew that He was good and always faithful.

My words were more than intense,

for they rose high like supernatural incense.

He heard my cry and desperate plea,

because down He sent for me,

an immortal butterfly who now guards my lips,

and who keeps me from the world's grips.

I lifted up my hands is highest praise,

because He hears me always.

Now whenever I speak,

I feel something quite unique.

The fluttering wings of my Guardian will move,

when my lips itch or feel they have something to prove.

Speak life,

not strife.

Speak love,

morning dove.

Speak good,

you truly should.

Speak up,

always buildup.

Speak passion,

in kindly fashion.

Speak carefully,

with clarity.

Speak peace,

never cease.

Speak boldly,

not coldly.

Speak gracefully,

not fatally.

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A Butterfly Named Guardian
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