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A Bittersweet Duet

Come closer…



Come closer…

Take me as your prey.

Engulf me with your darkness.

My Muse, and nemesis, my fall and my rebirth

Make me yours. Unbind my chains and let us

Dance in the abyss of Oblivion.

Let our dance take me out of this reality

Show me what is beyond insanity.

Feed in my shattered dreams and false hopes

Cleanse every bit of my soul of the light that blinds me.

Drive me to utter chaos, the same I need to live on.

Tease me and then… I show how I got stronger.

Colder, with a lack of useless emotions.

My demons are not despair or challenge anymore.

I need a true challenge. A mistress, a Darkness Queen...

Just come. Let’s play a game…


Hmm, how feisty we are tonight …

I will come for you.

Look straight to your eyes and dive on that delicious Chaos.

I will find all the broken shards of your damned Soul and l mend it,

And make a new one.

Stitched with my hair and enclosing everything that remains.

Ah, don’t worry; it will not be only Darkness I will engulf on you.

Going put my hand inside your heart and make burn like a volcano.

Drain your human blood from your veins. Let you die in a puddle of blood.

Just for a total cleanse of that puny humanity that still reside in every single cell

Of your human body but I will make you reborn once again.

And I will do this till you strong enough to dance a macabre dance with me.

I will be the air you breathe, the blood riding like lava and show to you what reside

Beyond madness and insanity…

I will whisper to your soul just this.

Let me in. let me make you feel.

The true feel and primal and let my lust and desire are what you are driven for.

Come and let our dark desires make us one…

And, yes let’s play a game.

Of seduction and total chaos, my beloved prey…

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A Bittersweet Duet
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